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If you Cannot Delete Files, try Long Path Tool

If you Cannot Delete Files, try Long Path Tool

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About Windows XP And File Deletion Problems
Windows XP may have its problems and may throw up some particularly unusual error messages when you are doing seemingly innocuous things, but in many cases Windows is doing this for a reason. One particular problem that seems to be especially prevalent in Windows XP is an inability to delete files because they are apparently in use by another program or another user. In a lot of cases this may be true without you actually knowing it but in other cases it is simply a case of XP getting it wrong. There are, however, several steps you can take to ensure the proper deletion of the file.

Common File Deletion Errors
There are four common error messages that you will receive, usually after a short delay, or following the “Deleting file” dialogue box. “File Access Denied”, “File In Use”, and “Cannot Delete File” are the most common. Some will include a seemingly senseless explanation or reason for the problem. While these reasons are genuine and may mean a lot to programmers and technicians they rarely explain the problem properly to novice or inexperienced users. It is important to run through these steps in order to ensure that you are not deleting a file that is genuinely being used. Deleting files that are in use could mean you are deleting a system file or other important file.

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